Tuesday, 9 February 2016

THE BODY SHOP: Collection + Favourites!

Hi there! In this blog post I will be talking about one of my favourite places to buy cosmetics: The Body Shop! Although I've managed to save my Christmas vouchers (impressive, I know) I have still accumulated quite a few products from the shop over time- and I thought I would talk about them!

A favourite scent; Glazed Apple

Last Christmas I wasn't able to get my hands on anything from this range, however this year I bought a selection of products way before December 25th. Sadly I have used up my shower gel but I still have a Body Butter and hand cream. If you have any way to access these products then I would recommend you to do so; they smell amazing. If not be sure to pop into a store next year (Hopefully they will stock it!!!!)

An efficient way to moisturise; Body Butters

I'm sure many people will of heard about The Body Shop's Body Butters; and for a good reason too. I find these products so moisturising and great for the skin in the cold winter months. I like this scent (Shea Butter) in particular because although it doesn't have a strong scent, it leaves you feeling nice and clean. 

Another beautiful scent: Moringa 

Possibly one of the first products I purchased from the store, the Moringa range smells.. well, beautiful! The flower gives off a light floral scent which is perfect for people who don't enjoy overly floral smells but like a little hint once and a while. In this photo I have the Moringa body spray and eau de toilette. Both of these products I've owned for a while and I still love them!

A way to exfoliate: Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub

Maybe this is a strange product to add in, but keeping you feet smooth is essential! I enjoy using this scrub for that reason. The scrub has an overpowering minty smell, but I think it helps to create a feeling of cleanliness after use. It really does make your feet super soft!

Even more scents: Body Sprays

I've already mentioned my Moringa body spray but I must own more! Really, I have a stupid amount of sprays; it's crazy. These two are White Musk Libertine and Vanilla. Both scents are very beautiful and last a good amount of time. I like to use these throughout the day when I feel like topping up my sprays. 


It's an essential. These are two products that I use to keep my skin in good health. The first one is a Honeymania lip balm. This balm is very good at keeping my lips moisturised and not chapped. The second product is of holy grail status. It is the Vitamin E Overnight Serum In Oil. I have used this product every single night for I'd say maybe a year and it has kept my skin completely moisturised. I never have issues with dry spots anymore; this serum is a life saver!

Those were all my favourite products from The Body Shop! I hope you will try out some of my recommendation- let me know if you do, and which products from The Body Shop are your favourites. Bye for now...

Jessica Jayne

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