Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Three New Lip Products!

Hi there! I have accumulated a couple of new lip products over the last week or so, and I thought I would talk about them today.

NYX soft matte lip cream

  • 'Istanbul' 
  • £5.50
  • 8ml 

I bought this whilst I was in Copenhagen, because here in the UK Nyx products aren't sold in every store. I went into the shop and couldn't decide which makeup I wanted to try- there was so much choice! After a lot of thinking I decided to pick up a soft matte lip cream, since I have heard a lot of praise about them. I have a habit of always buying the same shade in everything without realising so I decided to go for something different; this brighter pink shade. The product lasts quite well on my lips however I think the Sephora cream lip stains last longer. This one is cruelty free (although the parent company is L'oreal) though so it is a good alternative to the Sephora version.
Buy this here in the UK.

Urban Decay revolution lipstick

  • 'Rapture'
  • £15.50
  • 2.8g
When I've visited airports before I've seen a lot of tax free beauty but the brands featured are usually ones I'm not interested in purchasing. However, when I saw an Urban Decay stand in the Copenhagen airport I was so excited. I decided to pick up a lipstick and chose this one. I made the same mistake of buying a lipstick in a colour I already own but this one has really impressed me. The formula is creamy and moisturising and offers a shining finish. Although the product isn't matte it stays on extremely well and on the particular day I wore it I found that I only had to touch up once. Overall, I'm very impressed with this one!
Buy this here in the UK.

Sleek MakeUp true colour
  • 'liqueur'
  • £4.99
  • 3.5g
This was another airport purchase, however this one was from the UK. I was looking around the airport Boots and realised that it was exactly the shade I was looking for! A 'my lips but better' shade, the sheen finish improves the appearance of my lips and finishes off an everyday look. The lipstick lasts well and I find that it isn't very noticeable when it starts wearing off. Overall, I would recommend. 
Buy this here in the UK.

And that's all for now! Please leave a comment if you have tried any of these lip products, or if you have any lip recommendations that we should try.

~Jessica Jayne


  1. Lovely post! I love the NYX matte lip creams. They are the best matte lipcolors. I wore one to my sister's wedding and it lasted 7 hours.



  2. I've never tried a lipstick from urban decay, these sound great!!x